My Son's First Vlog- "My House" I'm So Proud *Sniff*

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Even though Phil thought giving Tyler a digital camera was a bad idea, I wanted to see things from his perspective. What moments would he think were worth capturing? I think it's a good reminder to us grown ups that's there's a whole other world below our eye level.

When he asked for my Flip to make a video about our house I didn't think much of it. I heard him chattering away but tuned him out. I was going to delete the video but decided to watch first and I'm so glad I did. The images aren't anything remarkable but his running commentary is too funny.

It's a pretty long video at eight minutes (and not for those who get motion sick easily) but there were parts that made me laugh out loud, particularly the end when he throws out some Spanish. I would apologize for the state of my house, but I won't.


  1. i go: Your son is aaaaadorable. So glad I popped in. Just precious!


  2. Yup, I watched the whole thing. I'm going to take some Dramamine now, but it was worth it. Too cute. You should be proud.

    Winks & Smiles,

  3. So glad you did not delete that! I just found your blog but will def be back!


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