Ask Suze Orman *UPDATE*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The call with Suze Orman this morning had some great information. I'm still trying to process it all. It was hard to Tweet and concentrate on her answers. For me, I was bummed that her advice is making me re-think my plans. We were discussing how to wisely invest in our businesses and where money should go. My question, after listening to her advice on 8-month savings plans, paying ourselves first and financing a business, was, "Don't we need to spend money to make money?"

She had a great answer though it wasn't what I wanted to hear. I feel like I'm making progress with the goals for this blog and I need to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. The money I'm considering spending (that I consider a business investment) isn't financed, or on credit. I have the money, but now I'm wondering if it's wise to spend it, or to wait. I guess I need to think
about the ramifications of not spending the money and what it could mean if I don't. I'm just worried that my current momentum might come to an abrupt halt and I won't be able to get the ball rolling again. If I wait, what exactly am I waiting for?! Let the soul searching commence!

For you guys, Suze is sending out a code in our emails that we can post for you to access her website and print out $2500 worth of documents relating to wills and trusts! This is something that has been on my list of much needed things to do. It's so important to make sure we secure the best possible financial future for our kids. Phil has a will through the military but I don't.
Please check back tomorrow for the code. I'll put it on this post!

Did anyone follow the conversation on Twitter? What did you get out of it? You can go to Twitter Search and pull up the #suze hashtag to read all our observations.

Thank you Avon for putting this call together!

The code for the Will and Trust Kit is Moms Rule. Go to and click the Will and Trust Kit link in the blue vertical nav bar on the upper left. Click the orange git code button and enter Moms Rule. you will be given an activation code. I suggest printing the page, just in case. The code is good until midnight EST on Saturday, 4/25.


  1. Apparently I don't know how to work Twitter--I'll ask you about it at Mom's Nite Out.

  2. How cool! Can't wait to hear what her advice to you was. I saw her on Oprah and loved that she said a good financial advisor will change their advice based on the financial climate we're living in. LOVE her.


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