Fashion Advice Needed - Can I Wear This?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

At Costco to day I saw a Kenneth Cole down parka vest in a chocolate brown. I've been wanting a down parka vest in chocolate brown (though the plum one in the picture? Could totally make me change my mind.

This particular parka vest is only $19.99. My hesitation? How do I wear it? Like in the picture with a tight shirt and jeans? Can I mix it with cords?

I'm not 25 anymore and I don't want to look like I'm trying to look 25. So, please help me put an outfit together so I can go back and buy it today before the Costco phenomenon takes effect (eg buy it when you see it or it's gone!)

(photo from Google images)


  1. Definitely! A lot of moms I know where them. But I personally can't pull it off. I'm too thick in the middle. Makes me look like an apple on stilts, lol. And sure, wear it with cords or jeans. I agree, the tight top looks best.

  2. Cute!! I think you should definitely go and get it. And post a pic of you wearing it!

  3. Totally wear it with jeans and cords. Anything you'd wear a sweater with, I say.

    Personally, for some reason, I'm a sweater coat kinda gal and feel too puffy in those vests. But you're a fashionista and un-puffy, so go for it!

  4. I agree, the plum one is divine!
    I would wear it with jeans, cords, khaki's and any other pants I want, so I say go for it!

  5. Ok, this is where the guy steps in and ruins it.

    First, I am confident that you would look beautiful in ANYTHING that you chose to wear.

    Second, I love $19.99.

    Third - well, looks like something left over from the old days in the People's Republic of China. Again, I'm sure that you'll look great - but the warm vest leaves me kinda cold.

    But what do I know anyway, I'm just a guy.

  6. LPF - Ha! You have been well trained my Jedi friend. And I appreciate the male perspective. Please come out of hiding more often!

  7. You would look great.

    My Costco rule? If there's any chance I might want it, I buy first and return later.

  8. Dude. Buy one in chocolate and one in plum. Call it early Christmas! For $19.99 you can't lose! Oh and a long sleeved top and fitted butnot tight jeans/pants and you are golden!

  9. Adorable, I love the plum one. I just bought a bright green one from Land's End. I'm hoping I won't look (too) crazy in it.

  10. Hi, I saw you left a comment about my blog on Steph's blog - thank you!
    I am enjoying reading through your blog and I really like the outfits!
    You should go for it :)

  11. I like it! (Especially the green one.) I would wear it, and I'm not 25 either. :)

  12. I like it. Although I couldn't pull it off you most certainly can!

  13. So cute! Definitely not just for 25 year olds. You could definitely pull it off. I love the plum!! I wish I belonged to Costco--I'd buy one myself!


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