Free Christmas Music!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I was so bummed I missed the free songs Oprah had on her site last week but this makes it all better. Go to Amazon every day through December 25th to download free Christmas music! There will be one free song every day (it started Dec. 1st).

There are artists and songs I've never heard of but am totally digging. I didn't know the Barenaked Ladies had a Christmas CD let alone they did a duet with Michael Buble!

Remember Jars of Clay? Yeah I didn't either until I came across this song. Free stuff rocks! Happy downloading! (Thanks Penny Pinching Diva!)


  1. BNL has the best Christmas song I have ever heard on this CD. It's God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman with Sarah McLaughlin (sp?) It is really unbelievable!

    Thanks for the tip - I am finally joining the ranks of millions and getting an ipod for Christmas; I need all the free music I can get.

  2. Hey Mel-I downloaded oprah's holiday songs. Want me to email them to you?

  3. Lydia- Yes, that would be fabulous! Thank you!

  4. Found your blog while blog hopping.
    Great tip... I'll check it out! I love love love Christmas music, but I have so say that I would like to hear new stuff every once in a while.


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