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If You Give A Mom A Mojito

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If I win the lottery I'm going to go into business with my mom. We both love to entertain, bake, cook and play hostess. Party planning and events are up our collective alley's. Spending someone else's money on good food and drinks? Yes, please!

Even though it was touch and go in the beginning, I had a lot more fun putting together this year's Mom's Nite Out than last year, mostly because I knew what to expect. I also decided not to stress (as much) and if things came together, awesome, if not, I tried. It's gratifying when hard work pays off. To hear people say they had a good time, that feels good. When people are still talking days later, that feels really good.

 Me, Jenn, Jen, Ali's laptop, Cathy, Natalie and Sondra
More pics on Flickr

I met new people, which I love to do, connected other people, which I also love to do and got to hang out with friends. Love to do that too. I'm sensing a pattern...

The view from the Porto Vista rooftop deck was awesome, the food was great, the staff and service were impeccable. Everyone enjoyed the raffle items and the prizes, the gift bags were a huge hit and I got wear killer shoes. I couldn't have asked for more.

Thank you again to all the sponsors!

National Mom's Nite Out San San Diego: Update

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hi! Long time no see. Where the heck have I been?! I've been putting together this little party for my San Diego mom friends. It's taken a lot of my time, but it's worth it. I think we've managed to put together another really great party. I still have a few things coming down the pipe, but here's the latest info:

Thursday, May 6th 6:00 - 9:00pm 
Porto Vista Hotel in Little Italy, Ripassi Rooftop Lounge
1835 Columbia Street
San Diego, CA 92101
619-544-0164 (for directions, do not use Mapquest! I got lost)

*Please RSVP if you haven't already. If you can't get to the Facebook page let me know in comments and I'll make a note. 

*Valet parking is available. It's free with a drink purchase. Keep both your valet ticket AND the bar receipt for it to be valid.

Keep me in a safe place!

*We will have hosted appetizers from 6-7:30 including chicken and veggie skewers and sliders. Our drink special is the Strawberry Bahama Mojito for $6. I wanted to call it the Assless Chap but I was outvoted. Happy Hour menu pricing will apply too.

Speaking of assless chaps, meet our server for the evening.  He posed for this photo that's on one of the hotel room walls. Any of you waving single dollar bills or engaging in inappropriate touching may be asked to leave. In other words, he's all mine! (kidding honey, love you)

The view from the roof is amazing! It's breezy too. Despite the heaters, I'd still bring a jacket or wrap. Hell, bring a Snuggie if you want to.

If you need a room for the evening, Porto Vista has offered a $99 rate with code VIRTUEIMC.

We have free 5-minute chair massages from Edwin at Pacific Relxation Massage. You can purchase additional minutes as well.

All you need to bring is money for the raffles, any food/drink you want to buy and tips for the valet and staff. Raffle tickets are the same price as last year: 1 for $5, 3 for $10 and 10 for $20.

A few things on the raffle table: A Dooney and Bourke bag, A Vado pocket cam (similar to a flip), $100 gift card to Seaport Village good for any store with carousel rides and Ben and Jerry's cones too, a one year supply of Dropps laundry detergent, E.L.F makeup and brush set, $50 gift cards to and lots more.

I need to thank Charity and Deb for their help again this year. Also, I enjoyed getting to know and working with Nora from the Porto Vista. Her professionalism is greatly appreciated. Thank you, ladies!

I love my sponsors, they've been great! I'm so happy to be working with many again and grateful for the ones new to this year. Your contributions and donations are what is making this such a fantastic event! (in no particular order)

Porto Vista Hotel
Seaport Village
Dropps Laundry
Carolina Pad
The Tote Buddy
Sweet Funky Vintage
Big Honcho Media
Eyes, Lips, Face
The Vintage Pearl
Skoy Cloths
Handstand Kids
Dove Chocolates
Studio 19
Boogie Wipes
Me and Goji
VPG Printing
Evolve Salon and Day Spa
Pacific Relaxation Massage
Theresa Rose jewelry
Build A Bear
Family Adventure Guidebooks

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*Charity, Deb and I contacted sponsors directly or were referred by the National Mom's Nite Out creator, BSM Media. We have not been paid to promote any business. All sponsors donated their products/materials for use as a door prize, gift bag or raffle item.

National Mom's Nite Out San Diego: Save the Date

Friday, March 26, 2010

I can't believe it's time to plan the Mom's Nite Out party again! Last year's event was a lot of fun. I'm hoping to find another great location as well as bring in some great sponsors for the swag bags and door prizes. I have a Mom's Nite page on Facebook that I'll keep current with information. I'm actively looking for sponsors. If you've worked with a great company or brand you think would be a good fit, please let me know.

Thursday, May 6th, 2010
Location TBA
Time: Should be 6:00-9:00pm

If you're in San Diego, I hope you can make it!

National Mom's Nite Out: Thank You Just Isn't Enough

Monday, May 11, 2009

When I was young, my mom drilled into me the importance of saying 'thank you' and writing a note to someone who has given a gift or done something really nice for you. Those two words are so small, and often not adequate which is definitely true when it comes to our Mom's Nite Out party last week.

I had a speech prepared to thank everyone for attending, to thank Megan and Ingrid for the great location and Lizzie from Bailey Gardiner for putting us all in touch, and to thank Deb and Charity for their awesomeness and for still being friends with me after experiencing first hand the anal compulsive, over bearing control freak that I am.

And I completely forgot to give said speech. I remembered at the end of the night when the room was empty and we were cleaning up. I felt like such a heel. Still do. So, to all those involved in making our party so fabulous, please humbly accept those two small words and know that they have big, BIG feeling behind them.

Megan from Seaport Village
Ingrid from Buster's Beach House and Longboard Bar
Lizzie from Bailey Gardiner
Maria and everyone at BSM Media
Kathy Ireland Worldwide
Chelsea at Pat and Oscar's
Jeff at Cosmic Frogs Photography
Joan at Laughing Rhino
Sydney at Dropps
Shari's Berries
One Step Ahead
Ashley at Tunix
Meri at Avon
Build A Bear
Kevin at KanYo Fuse
Sheryl at TableTopics
Paula at Rae Florae
Ciaran at Francie Pants
Liz at The Cookie Chew
Laura at VPG Printing
Bella d'Ora Spa
Kin Spa at the Manchester Grand Hyatt
Big Honcho Media
Candice at Bid My Cleaning
Karen at Captain Cooks
Sugar Jones at Sugar Snaps Photography
Hands 2 Go

The Simple Stencil
Little Debbie


Friday, May 8, 2009

National Mom's Night Out was fun! But I'm glad it's over. The night went off with only a few minor hiccups (mostly that I was still in the bathroom getting ready when our guests started arriving). Megan at Seaport Village, Lizzie at Bailey Gardiner and Ingrid at Buster's; you are angels on earth. You all went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations. Many heartfelt thank you's to you.

There are many, many more people to thank. And I will thank them all after I take a long nap. ZZZzzzzzzzzz

May the (Shopping) Force Be With You

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Looking back, it probably wasn't a coincidence that I chose the dollar store right next to Marshalls to buy the gift bags for my National Mom's Night Out party tonight. I've had such good luck at that store finding something to wear at the last minute and not spending a fortune.

I went in looking for something to wear with my brown gladiator stilettos and trouser jeans. Nothing jumped out at me and I was about to give up and *gasp* wear something I already had.

Well, the Shopping Gods must have heard my pleas because they turned their benevolent eyes upon me and led me to this:

It's hard to tell but the ruffled cap sleeves and tiny lavender buttons are SO cute! It has my favorite color, purple, and teal, taupe and cream. For $19.99 all thoughts of brown disappeared PDQ. Of course, then I did a mental slide show of all the shoes in my closet. I set aside two pair of lavender heels to try on and headed for the dressing room.

I was chatting with mom
(who will be leaving tomorrow for a 4-day Mexican cruise, $89 per person!!!!) and the Shopping Gods were feeling extra generous because they had me wander past these

And I'm in love! I said to my mom, "OK, try to talk me out of spending any more money," and she said, "that's not my job anymore, and by the way, I need your address to mail your Mother's Day card" which I took to mean, "I'll slip a little something in it," and put the shoes in my cart.
There's nothing quite like a shopping high. I'll take it over sex and chocolate
(almost) any day.

(Follow @momsniteout tonight on Twitter for all the parties. I believe there are over a thousand!)
This post is sponsored by
Marshalls who are providing my clothing for BlogHer.

National Mom's Nite Out: San Diego FAQ

Friday, May 1, 2009

Well, not really. Sorta. We've had questions in our email and over Twitter about the party so I thought I'd address them here.

On Wednesday I had a bit of a panic attack about the party and I called Deb. When she answered I said, "I'm freaking out!" We greet each other with random comments like "I'm fat" before we say hello so she's used to it. She talked me down and agreed to meet me. We took the kids, who are now brother and sister, then went to dinner.

We made a little video while we there. I wasn't going to use mine because my face looks like a connect the dots of splotchy-ness and Deb has forbidden me to post hers (but I haven't erased it. shh). I'm going to put mine on the Facebook page anyway.

Anyway, the FAQ's. People have asked:
1. Can I bring a friend? Absolutely!
2. Is it really free? Really and truly.
3. What is the cost for the raffle? Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10 with all money going to the March of Dimes.
4. How much is parking? We're validating for three hours, after that it's $3 an hour, but free with a purchase in the Village (spend your $3 on a latte!)
5. Do I have to be a mom? Nope. We want to meet all fun, San Diego women.
6. Do I have to be a blogger? Not at all.

If you have questions please let me know. Looking forward to meeting you!

National Women's Nite Out: San Diego

Friday, April 24, 2009

I love to entertain. There's something about creating an atmosphere where people feel comfortable, enjoy good food and good conversation, and can relax that really gets me. Playing hostess is fun, and being a good (nee exceptional) and attentive hostess is important to me. I thought that if I was ever give the opportunity to have my dream business, it would be in party planning. Well, after the stress of this week, now I'm not so sure.

When Maria asked me to be involved with National Mom's Night Out, I thought, "Why not? A few moms getting together over wine and cheese, I can do that no sweat." Someone, somewhere was laughing at my naivete and thought I needed to be taken down a peg or two (or three or four).

It's one thing to have people over for tri-tip, but a whole other kettle of fish to create a fun and meaningful event from the ground up, across time zones and with no real budget. I really thought it would easier: "Hi, I represent a bunch of women who don't get out that often and would love to drink and party at your restaurant on a Thursday."

Thankfully, I have Deb to cover my ass brainstorm and make endless phone calls with, and Charity to be the calm in the storm. It's been a lot of hard work but things are really coming together and I'm looking forward to putting on my party shoes and hosting a fab soiree.

I am Celebrating National Mom’s Nite Out: the Ultimate Celebration of Motherhood

Who: Women. (Kidding) The event is called a Celebration of Motherhood but we're firm believers in "it takes a village." If you've ever even looked at a child, you're welcome to come. (It's almost 2:00am, I'm getting a little slap happy)

What: National Mom's Night Out at Buster's Beach House & Longboard Bar at Seaport Village (Beach Loft room)

When: Thursday, May 7th from 6:00-9:00pm (but we can always go to another part of the restaurant afterwards)

Where: See What

More details: Buster's has offered us our own bartender. I'm still confirming the hotness level of said bartender and the assless chaps, stay tuned. No host bar, hosted light appetizers and parking validated up to three hours.

RSVP: On our Facebook page

I do hope you decide to come. Those of you who have been lurking here (you thought I didn't know, tsk tsk) please join us. I'd love to meet you face to face! And the hostess in me will make sure you have a good time.

The PS- We're looking for more items for our gift bags, the charity raffle and prize drawings. Please email me if you have an item you'd like to contribute. Thank you!

**More thank you's to Lizzie from Bailey Gardiner and Seaport Village for all the "extra's." Mwah! For those who do not want to head south, Stacey (San Diego Bargain Mama) is hosting an event in Encinitas. Read the details here.**
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