May the (Shopping) Force Be With You

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Looking back, it probably wasn't a coincidence that I chose the dollar store right next to Marshalls to buy the gift bags for my National Mom's Night Out party tonight. I've had such good luck at that store finding something to wear at the last minute and not spending a fortune.

I went in looking for something to wear with my brown gladiator stilettos and trouser jeans. Nothing jumped out at me and I was about to give up and *gasp* wear something I already had.

Well, the Shopping Gods must have heard my pleas because they turned their benevolent eyes upon me and led me to this:

It's hard to tell but the ruffled cap sleeves and tiny lavender buttons are SO cute! It has my favorite color, purple, and teal, taupe and cream. For $19.99 all thoughts of brown disappeared PDQ. Of course, then I did a mental slide show of all the shoes in my closet. I set aside two pair of lavender heels to try on and headed for the dressing room.

I was chatting with mom
(who will be leaving tomorrow for a 4-day Mexican cruise, $89 per person!!!!) and the Shopping Gods were feeling extra generous because they had me wander past these

And I'm in love! I said to my mom, "OK, try to talk me out of spending any more money," and she said, "that's not my job anymore, and by the way, I need your address to mail your Mother's Day card" which I took to mean, "I'll slip a little something in it," and put the shoes in my cart.
There's nothing quite like a shopping high. I'll take it over sex and chocolate
(almost) any day.

(Follow @momsniteout tonight on Twitter for all the parties. I believe there are over a thousand!)
This post is sponsored by
Marshalls who are providing my clothing for BlogHer.


  1. LOOOOOOOOOVE the shoes! Hope you'll wear them tonight!

  2. Sigh. I love shopping. I love Marshalls. And i wish I could pull off those heels.

  3. The shoes and the dress are fabulous!!! Love them.

  4. I love Marshalls. You were always such a fashion plate in high school, I see nothing's changed! :)


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