National Mom's Nite Out: Thank You Just Isn't Enough

Monday, May 11, 2009

When I was young, my mom drilled into me the importance of saying 'thank you' and writing a note to someone who has given a gift or done something really nice for you. Those two words are so small, and often not adequate which is definitely true when it comes to our Mom's Nite Out party last week.

I had a speech prepared to thank everyone for attending, to thank Megan and Ingrid for the great location and Lizzie from Bailey Gardiner for putting us all in touch, and to thank Deb and Charity for their awesomeness and for still being friends with me after experiencing first hand the anal compulsive, over bearing control freak that I am.

And I completely forgot to give said speech. I remembered at the end of the night when the room was empty and we were cleaning up. I felt like such a heel. Still do. So, to all those involved in making our party so fabulous, please humbly accept those two small words and know that they have big, BIG feeling behind them.

Megan from Seaport Village
Ingrid from Buster's Beach House and Longboard Bar
Lizzie from Bailey Gardiner
Maria and everyone at BSM Media
Kathy Ireland Worldwide
Chelsea at Pat and Oscar's
Jeff at Cosmic Frogs Photography
Joan at Laughing Rhino
Sydney at Dropps
Shari's Berries
One Step Ahead
Ashley at Tunix
Meri at Avon
Build A Bear
Kevin at KanYo Fuse
Sheryl at TableTopics
Paula at Rae Florae
Ciaran at Francie Pants
Liz at The Cookie Chew
Laura at VPG Printing
Bella d'Ora Spa
Kin Spa at the Manchester Grand Hyatt
Big Honcho Media
Candice at Bid My Cleaning
Karen at Captain Cooks
Sugar Jones at Sugar Snaps Photography
Hands 2 Go

The Simple Stencil
Little Debbie


  1. Mel, A big thanks to you too. I'm so glad I made it to MNO on a spure-of-the-moment decision. Otherwise I wouldn't have met you, Jen, Sugar, Deb and Sondra. What great gals you are!
    'Till next time!

  2. You are awesome to the awesome power.

    Your partner in crime,

  3. Mel, we loved having you ladies! You and your cohorts put on a fantastic event. I was happy to be a part of it!

  4. Ah Mel - no need to beat yourself up over the speech! It was beautiful & I wudda been all blushy if you'd done it in front of everyone.

    Like I told Deb - it's all about you & her... I was just there to implement the vision! I love you for all that you did!

    I'm so glad it was a rip-snorting success ;) and I'm down for next year!



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