Friday, May 8, 2009

National Mom's Night Out was fun! But I'm glad it's over. The night went off with only a few minor hiccups (mostly that I was still in the bathroom getting ready when our guests started arriving). Megan at Seaport Village, Lizzie at Bailey Gardiner and Ingrid at Buster's; you are angels on earth. You all went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations. Many heartfelt thank you's to you.

There are many, many more people to thank. And I will thank them all after I take a long nap. ZZZzzzzzzzzz


  1. I think we're all "too tired to blog". And I didn't even do anything other than attend!

    You and Deb did a great job. Congrats!

    Da Goddess

  2. We loved having all of you! I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout and enjoyed mingling with everyone. Everyone was SO nice. A great night out :)

    Megan, Seaport Village

    PS-- Check out Seaport Village's blog when you get a chance. I post lots of great things to do with your kiddos.

  3. Aloha Mel,

    It was a pleasure to have you all here at Buster's Beach House! We are very happy that you all had a great time for Mom's Nite Out. You all deserve it! We hope to see you all again in the very near future!

    Ingrid Fauteux
    Director of Special Events
    Buster's Beach House


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