Coming Attractions

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

For the past few weeks. I've been in a blogging funk. (Here's the part where you say, Really? I hadn't noticed!).

I've sat in front of the computer with nothing original coming to mind and said ah, screw it.

Hopefully having some quiet time will help and if nothing else I can use a distraction from missing my baby.

Here are a few things I've written in my notebook that I hope to get to soon:

1. The fall TV and movie schedules and how I'd love to be a couch potato.
2. Cascade vs. Electrasol
3. Adding to my reading list and the books I've purchased recently (I think it's becoming an addiction. I just can't stop!).

4. My adopted soldier and how I'll need your help (it will only cost you a stamp).

5. The 10 Things About Me meme Steph tagged me for.

Very ambitious, I know.


  1. I think everyone has had blogging block lately.
    I look forward to reading about the things you've mentioned!
    (especially the books)

  2. The meh, it is everywhere lately. Do the meme, and then prepare for Friday's meme/linkbait extravaganza. Finding your town's most heinously decorated house should give you a little fodder, no?

  3. I'm right there with ya, but my bloggy funk doesn't come with cool illustrative graphics. Nope, it's antidepressant induced. Fun times!

    I do think I am gonna take a step back though. Do some reading. Recharge and try and remember why I blog.


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