To My Son on His First Day of School

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

When I woke you this morning with kisses and a "wake up First Grader!," I was fine.

When I made your breakfast I was fine.

When we took our first day pictures and set out walking to school, I was fine.
When we got to your new classroom and introduced ourselves to your new teacher, I was fine.

When you ran off to play tether ball without a backward glance, even then I was fine.

But when the bell rang, and it was time for me to say goodbye, that's when I stopped being fine.

Seeing you there, at your own little desk with the cubby built in, I was overwhelmed with pride and love and longing for the baby I used to have.

As I write this there are tears on the keyboard. But they are happy tears.

Know that Daddy and I are so proud of you. You are the best kid any parents could have.

We're so blessed and grateful you chose us to be your Mom and Dad.

You will always be my favorite, my precious cargo.

And when I pick you up from school later today with a "how'd it go First Grader?", I will be fine.


  1. {{{Mel}}} All I can say is, "Wait 'til he starts high school."

  2. When it's time it's time. Here's to a great first day!

  3. Oh, great, now you've got ME all teary.

    (Email with the details... which teacher did he get? How did it go?)

  4. i was totally fine too, in the same crying on my keyboard totally not fine way you were.

  5. Wait for the HOMEWORK!

    This is truly a life changing event (his and yours!)


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