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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I was walking on the beach yesterday (don't be a hater) and ran into a former co-worker. She was a temp while another person was on maternity leave and she was able to find a good job when the woman came back.

I hesitated to ask what SHE was doing at the beach at 9:30 on a Wednesday because I kinda had an idea what her answer would be. Sure enough, she was laid off three months ago.

She is younger than me, not married, no kids, no mortgage and she has more experience than I do. And she's been out of work for THREE months because in her words, "there's nothing out there."

Bush's speech last night didn't reassure me one bit. Husband just laid a financial bombshell on me. Our economy is in the toilet. I have officially moved from worried to scared shitless.
I'm not going anywhere with this, it's just what's floating around my head today.


  1. My husband has been going on for months that he saw this coming and it was going to get "really bad". I poo poo'ed the whole thing and thought "yeah ok, whatever, he's just trying to get me to stop shopping so much". Not so much anymore, I agree, things are really getting scary! I think most people in our generation think that the Great Depression was something in the past that could never happen again, but I am starting to wonder with everything happening these days.....yikes.

  2. I just wrote the exact opposite thing on my blog today. I'm still not worried. Call me an optimist (or an idiot) but I feel like somehow it will all work itself out. I really hope that I'm right because your post actually scared me a little bit.

  3. Oh, it's on my mind, too. I was thinking of all my debt (from an illness PLUS mounds of student loans), and my limited resources. It's the story of so many people. But I do think of it this way--I'm alive. That's what matters. God will help me work out the rest.

  4. Liza- Hubby and I were talking about another Depression. It seems like something of that magnitude couldn't happen again, not to US but here we are.

    Jen- You're not an idiot. I have lots to be grateful for I guess today my shoulders feel a little overwhelmed with all the "stuff" they're carrying.

    Robyn- That's what I'm holding on to!

  5. Yeah, my job just had it's 5th round of layoffs and there's not many people left- I think it's just a matter of time before it's my turn. :( What worries me the most is that I am NOT qualified to do what I'm doing, so the chances of me getting this same job somewhere else....probably not going to happen. :(

  6. I feel you, Mel. This is a timely post.

  7. It is scary these days, and it really sucks!

    We make sure we pay the important bills..house, electric, insurance...etc... Some of the other bills are just going to be late! Sometimes things can't be helped, and you can't get all stressed worrying over them. At least try not to worry...

    Most of us are in the same boat!
    You are not ALONE!

  8. These are some seriously scary times. Half the time I feel like staying in bed with the covers over my head.

  9. I've been employing the "denial" approach, and just not thinking about it b/c I know I'll freak my head. So I'm ignoring it and hoping it goes away.

    Man, am I a moron or what?

  10. Things are rather scary right now, but I remember the Carter times too and we got through that too.

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by on the layover from BATW. It was so fun to have so many stop by and visit.

  11. OK...I will hate for a second about you walking on the beach because I want to move back to San Diego so badly! But I hear your pain on the uncertain economy/finances. Funny though...everyday, I chat it up with a mom @ my kids' school who happened to tell me one day that her monthly income is $50,000/month - uh...talk about hatin'.

  12. It *is* scary. But put it into perspective. Look at where we live, what we have, the schools our kids attend, the safety of our streets, our country...

    We're okay. We're going to be okay.


  13. Michele- $50k a MONTH?! Who let's that "slip" in a conversation?

    Jamie- Debbie Downer is still around so I won't respond. I am very grateful to live where we do. It's one of the things I'm holding on to.

  14. I wish I could give you some of my optimism...for us, things have just taken a huge turn for the better, so as scary as I find all the news, my personal life is much better than it was a month ago.



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