I Frickin' Love Twitter!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One of the stations I listen to has been playing a song that I really like. It's catchy and upbeat. I sing and dance to it in the car. Of course, since it's a song I like, I hardly ever hear it. When do hear it, I always miss the name of the artist. Since I have an iPod Touch and not an iPhone, I can't use the Shazaam app.

I've Googled and gone to the station website hoping it will be on their playlist. I've gone to lyric sites and browsed iTunes, hoping I'd come across it. I listened to the station almost all day on Labor Day. Nothing. It was driving me crazy and I was about to give up. Then I saw this Tweet from@DowntownRob

And I immediately downloaded the song and watched the video on You Tube. To the people who don't "get" Twitter, give it a chance before you label it as stupid or useless. I felt the same way at first. I stuck it out, got the hang of it and now I'm totally addicted!

Are you on the Twandwagon? If we're not Twitter pals yet leave your @ name in the comments.


  1. Heh. I freakin' love twitter myself. You can keep your FB AND yourspace. And I do believe I'm stalking you on twitter already.


  2. I am trying to figure twitter out at this very moment. Look for me soon!

  3. I don't know if I'm loving it yet, but I've finally gotten the hang of it, and using it.


  4. I love Twitter! I'm @MamarazziKnowsB. I'll follow you too, Mel!

  5. Sey Hey is one of my favorite songs right now--love it! And love me some Michael Franti!!!
    I'm on Twitter but barely--don't have the hang of it yet. I need some tutoring!

  6. So funny- I've been stalking VH-1 to try to figure out the name of that song- Turns out all I needed was you-who knew?


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