Wordless Wednesday: Go Padres!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

(Tyler was so cute, he kept saying it was the best. day. ever!)


  1. This little guy is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! WHAT a handsome kiddo. I took my 4 yr old to the Padres last week for the very first time. He was super excited, too. Love experiencing things thru their eyes for the first time

  2. What a cutie, looks like he was having a great time!

  3. Ok, HOW do you keep from not just gobbling him up? He is so stinkin' cute!! I'm afraid Mama might have to be beating back the girls in a few years!

  4. I love when you post pics of Tyler, he's such a sweetie!

    Also, would you be interested in guest posting for me in October? I'd really love it! Let me know....


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