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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

*Update: I've added a few more blogs to my reader and I've included them below.

I've been reading more frugal blogs lately hoping to pick up tips on ways to cut our food costs. Since our mortgage went up we're really feeling the pinch. All the sites I read advocate coupons. I use coupons whenever I can, but have never tried all the price matching scenarios because it seemed like so much work.

I figured it wasn't worth the hassle to save a dollar or two. Why burn the gas? Why buy things we don't eat? Man, how I wish someone had smacked me upside the head! Or that I'd met Erin, Erin and Alyssa sooner (met them at General Mills, more on that later). Done right, the savings can be way more than a few dollars, especially if the items go toward building a stockpile (that's frugalista lingo for a huge stash of non perishable foods, toiletries and household items).

Since it's been so. damn. hot. here, this past Saturday I decided to put some of what I've read recently about the Kroger Mega Event into practice and take advantage of the air conditioning (here in So Cal we go to Ralph's). I printed all the coupons I needed, loaded others onto my Ralph's Club card and left the boys here to swelter.

And I returned home with all of this:

Before coupon total: $117

You'll never guess how much I paid for it. Go on, guess.

Nope, try again.

Ooooh, that's close!

You're getting warmer!

Give up? (just tell me the damn total already!)

I only paid $43.95!!!

I know! I was impressed with me too. I think I could have done a little better though. I didn't make a list and I'm pretty sure there was something I forgot. Part of the Mega Event is an in-store promotion where purchasing 10 eligible items automatically took $5 off. Looking at my receipt on the way to the car I had 27 items. If I had counted before checkout adding another three items may have paid off even more.

(Our Armageddon Stash stockpile)

Between my anal compulsive-ness and my competitive-ness, it's totally grocery game on! I even put a note on our mailboxes asking all my neighbors to give me their coupons if they're not going to use them. Tomorrow is trash night and I'm not above doing a little digging in the paper recycling bins.

I will admit that this took a long time. I was on the PC (for printing) and had my new! laptop next to me and I was cycling back and forth between blog posts and the coupon printing sites. But, I have a feeling it will get easier as I get used to when the coupons reload, which sites I like best, what stores I like, a better system for organizing my coupons and which blogs I find most helpful. Hmm... that still sounds like a lot of work...

If you're new to all this too, here's a list of what I've found most helpful so far:

Print coupons from*:
P&G eSaver (Proctor and Gamble)
Simple and Delicious (ConAgra Foods)
A Full Cup (you can print Target coupons here)

Smart phone options: (I loaded coupons straight to my club card but I'm also going to try the free app for my iPod Touch)

Blogs to read:
$5 Dinners (Erin, I totally stalk her, but she's cool with it)
Jane 4 Girls, $800 Annual Budget (Erin, and no, that's not a typo!)

Newly added:

Couponing 101

Save At Home Mommy
Stretching A Buck

Buy extra coupons from:
The Coupon Carryout (for when you know of a great sale price and coupon match, affiliate link)

Clip coupons from:
Sunday paper (Smart Source and P&G)
Red Plum mailer (I've been tossing this in the recycle since the coupons are bundled with other junk, sob!)
All You magazine (sold at Wal Mart, but I'm going to subscribe)

If there's something you know that I don't please share! Does anyone match coupons for Albertson's? And if you've picked up any good tips spill those too, this is all so fascinating to me!

*I did have to register at many of the sites but so far no Spam (photo credit from here)


  1. Thanks for the list! nothing to share! I want to do this too. I want to be frugal and start using coupons too! i know so many moms that are awesome at this game. hehe okay game on for me too!

  2. Great job with the coupons. My mother--the bargain queen--would be proud.

  3. Awesome job lady! I am impressed...but please, go back to your store with receipt in hand and get 3 more participating items to get your $5 for the mega deal. Most stores will do that for you.

  4. or you can always print the yogurt coupons too that are part of the deal for cheap yogurt

  5. You scored! I have been trying the coupon thing myself and am patiently trying to see the savings.

  6. Did I miss you at the GM even too!!!! DARNIT! I had to cancel at the last minute :( Great post and way to inspire someone else to save like you did!

    Be sure to ask questions if you ever have any!! :)

  7. I ad match at Wal-Mart, and recently got back into clipping coupons after reading the Pinny Pinching Diva's info on how to couple coupons with the sales papers. This week, I only saved $10 with coupons. Two weeks ago, I hit them BIG TIIIIIME! I saved $25 with coupons, and another $50 ad matching. I was smiling all the way home, and I think in my sleep!

    I'm loving your site! Will be back to play on another day.

  8. @Andrea- I would have loved to meet you and say thanks for having such a helpful site!

    @La'Tonya- I've never ad matched before. I'll have to find out more details!

  9. Awesome! Don't you love coupons??? I just posted something like this last week cuz I beat my grocery saving record!! You can read it here:

  10. Great post. Love your down to earth attitude. I'm a fellow "coupon-clipping" work-in-progress, stay at home mom trying to get the best deals out there. Keep up the good work.

  11. You can find deals for your area Albertsons at Hot Coupon World. The direct link to the page about your area is:

    You can find a a list of current catalina deals at Albertson's at this direct link:


  12. Jennifer- Thanks so much!

    Amy- I haven't heard of that site, thank you!

  13. I just started on this journey too! I saved $80 my first time out with coupons and store cards!! Woohoo!

  14. Thanks for including Deal Seeking Mom on your list, Melanie! I was supposed to go to the GM event but had to cancel when I broke my foot. Hopefully someday I'll get to meet you in person!

  15. These are great coupon sites! I like to share a new coupon site called


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