Friday, September 4, 2009

Not too long ago I approached the corporate office for Dream Dinners looking into a possible partnership for the Breast Cancer 3Day. I met with the owner of the local franchise and we got to talking about blogging and social media in general.
A few days ago, I stopped in to meet the team who'll be managing her sites, just to introduce my self. I ended up staying for over an hour, offering answering questions, offering advice and sharing my opinion.

It was fun. It was stimulating. It felt good to feel smart and knowledgeable. It felt good to have something to contribute, something of value to offer. If felt good to be needed.

Sometimes I wonder if the time and energy I spend on this space is really worth it. In the long run, it doesn't make a difference, or help anyone. It's not a catalyst for change. Should I be be putting the effort somewhere else?

If I found something that offered the same type of connection and sense of satisfaction I get from this space, can I commit to both? Will I have the time? Can I have both? Could I walk away from all this?
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