He Called Me Miss

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saturday night I crashed a party at the La Costa Resort and Spa. On my way there I ran into the grocery store to hit the ATM. When I got out of the car, a boy asked me to buy him a bottle of Captain Morgan.

He looked so young standing next to his practical, fuel efficient economy car that his parents probably bought. He called me 'Miss.' I stopped, and was about to hold out my hand for the money. I remembered being his age. My friends and I used to do the same thing until Phil got a fake ID. I'm sure we bought for some other fresh faced kid back when we were first married and partying ourselves.

But then I flashed forward 10 years and saw MY fresh faced kid standing in a parking lot. My baby, who, last night at dinner, thanked Phil and I for being his Mommy and Daddy. I pictured that boys parents, and shook my head. I told him I have a son of my own, and if it were him standing there... The boy finished my sentence, "you couldn't do it. It's OK, I understand."

I went inside and he was still there when I came out. I hope everyone turned him down. I hope he made it home safely.


  1. that's a sweet story. Funny how we think we'll be so 'cool' as adults when we're young and we turn out to be so logical and sensible (and boring, I guess.)

    I'm sure his parents are thankful, I would be.

  2. I think about that accident just a few weeks ago where one boy was killed, another hospitalized, and the driver in juvenile hall -- all because of booze.

    I'm sure that boy's parents are grateful!

    And I think you could get arrested for that - so it is probably a good thing you didn't!

  3. Natalie said just what I was thinking. When they find out how those kids from Torrey Pines got the alcohol they are going to throw the book at them. As they should.

  4. Before I even thought about having kids I wanted to be the fun mom. I remember going to a party in high school where the parents were with us and thinking that was so cool. I don't know what made me consider doing it for him but I'm really glad I didn't.


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