Putting My Foot Down

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I made a decision. There could be repercussions, but I just don't care.

Feelings may be hurt. There might even be tears. But I will stay strong.

I'm bucking tradition, dancing to the beat of my own drum, singing my own tune.

I will no longer cave to the pressure. Give in to societal norms. Follow the crowd.

I, Mel A Dramatic Mommy, am declaring an end to giving out post birthday party treat bags.

Who's with me?


  1. Totally with you girl on this! So sick of handing those things out!

    Chloe's last party I baked choc chip cookies and sugar ones too. Put it in a gift bag. With the economy like it is that is just crazy.

    I invited 17 kids:
    Filling each bag with $5 max gifts even comes out to $85.00

    Heck no they must GO!!! LOL

    I think that is what you were asking right LOL

  2. I totally agree!!! I'm soo over it!! I did give up one thing, cards. I put stickers on Caden's friend presents. Cause really do 4 year olds read cards?

    The goodie bag thing is a big issue. I might have to write about it too....

  3. I'm with you! I've given out large bouncy balls (that the children play with during the party if the weather is nice enough to be outside), which have always been a hit.

    I've also had children decorate envelopes with stickers and crayons or markers when people are arriving to the party. I later fill these envelopes with a gift cards for Dunkin Donuts or a free child-size scoop of ice cream at a local party.

    So I'm not totally goody averse, but I say no to candy and tiny plastic crap!

  4. I feel you! I don't do goody bags!

    We have cake, ice cream, hot dogs & chips... the food differs with the theme og the them party. I feel like I do a pretty good job, and a goody bag too... Please!

    My husband asks, "Why does the birthday kid give gifts?"

    I'm going to take that same attitude when my girls get married!

  5. Bossy is so with you she's in fact carrying the flag in the front of the parade.


    Totally co-sign! Those doggone bags end up costing a pretty penny—pennies I'm tired of parting with. I mean, it's my kids' party, right? Aren't they supposed to get the presents? Sheesh!

  7. @Grissell - You and Bossy are designated parade leaders!

    @AJM- Cards will be next! I cave because it's a good way to make sure the parents get the gift receipt. But, handmade cards are in the future.

    Kim- I almost went to McDonalds for GC's but didn't want to assume every parent lets their kid eat there. :D

    La'Tonya- Your hubs and mine think exactly alike.

    @Bossy- Grissell is right there up front with you with a megaphone.

    @Denene- Yes, too much money after all spent throwing a party. I just don't see why we have to give the attendees a 'thank you for coming' gift. Wasn't the good party thanks enough?!

  8. I agree! Goodie bags are a waste of time and money.

    The kids are already hopped on sugar so they don't need to go home with more candy. And the plastic crap and other trinkets (a.k.a. JUNK) that goes into these things are useless.

    I don't want these things coming home but yet I feel compelled to send them out after my daughter's party because they're "traditional". But no more!

    All that said, I suspect the tradition was started to ease the trauma when younger kids went to a party and were expected to hand over the gift that they might have picked out and helped to wrap without ever fully understanding that it was for someone else. A little thank you gift for the attendees probably made that a little easier to take.

    But Kim is right - opt for something more useful. A gift cert. to McDs, or some ice place, etc. would be better value for the birthday kid's mama's money and probably better received at the party-goer's house too.

  9. I don't do goody bags :-)
    I give each kid a small puzzle or a coloring book as a thank you :-)


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