Raising Respectful Sons

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My son will turn 7 in a few days. He's still a bit of a Mama's Boy, and that's just fine with me. He will hug and kiss me for no reason. Tell me he loves me and that I'm beautiful. He has pulled out my chair at home and in restaurants. He's held doors open and said, "ladies first." Sometimes he'll open the car door for me and close it when I get in. He's growing up to be quite the little gentleman.

When I found out we were having a boy, I told Phil how important it was to me to teach him to be respectful to women. More than just being a gentleman, I want him to understand the concept of not being dismissive toward women, not objectifying them or demeaning them. As Tyler grows up I want him to know what a healthy male/female relationship looks like. It's our job as his parents to teach him those qualities and to lead by example.

Last weekend, a 15-year old girl was gang raped in Richmond California. Allegedly, as many as 20 people watched it happen. So far, five arrests have been made. In this day and age of pocket video cameras and phones with video cameras, I think it's only a matter of time before a tape surfaces. I'm disgusted and so sad for the young woman and her family. And I'm angry with those boys' parents because they failed so miserably at teaching their sons the same lessons I'm teaching mine.


  1. The story of that 15 yo girl was sickening and sad. Today's world is so complicated for many families and sadly children are being left without the guidance and role-modeling they need to be contributing adults, not vicious animals.

  2. When I read that story it made me so upset and sad. I'm happy for the way you're raising your son:) we just found out that our second baby is a boy and I'm excited! And I'm also going to make sure that he's raised to respect and appreciate women.

  3. You are so right. That horrific event really does boil down to a lack of respect.


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