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Friday, May 16, 2008

I've been bad. I've been shopping. I know I shouldn't have but sometimes I can't stop myself. The bargain bins call my name and I love how it feels to score a great deal. I'm sharing my latest finds along with my Mother's Day gifts to myself and what I gave to my MIL.

By sharing my good fortune with the two of you, I can justify my purchases because I'm helping other people with any gift giving needs they may have. And I'm nothing if not helpful.

That's my story anyway.

Aren't these just the cutest! I hate not having gift bags, wrap and assorted cards on hand so I stock up whenever I can. I got all 14 of these for $6!

I could have gone crazy with the baby and wedding themed bags too, but my trunk is only so big. These are from Dollar Tree.

My other discount fave for things like this is 99 Cents Only. I usually go there for party bag filler and stocking stuffers.

I Love, Love, Love this straw tote! This is going with me to the beach, to the pool, to the farmer's market, to the library... This will probably be on my shoulder all summer long.

Guess how much it was?

Nope, guess again. Give up?

$2.50 baby! I love Target!

I will probably be wearing these while carrying my awesome straw bag. I had a devil of a time choosing between these in white or brown. The white just looked so summery. $20 at Payless.

These scream for khaki capris, a white sleeveless blouse and a fresh pedi.

And maybe a latte. And my straw hat.

I told myself at the beginning of the year I would do less email more snail mail. I love getting mail other than bills and I think letter writing needs to make a comeback.

I haven't been doing that great with it so naturally I figured that meant my current stationery was uninspiring.

Hence, these. 20 per box for $4.99 each at Marshall's. I love the retro colors! They are sold here, but for significantly higher.

These are what I gave my MIL for Mother's Day. The mug is so pretty! The other side has an Asian-like design. My photo taking abilities don't do it justice. Sipping coffee or tea out of a pretty cup is mandatory. The mug was $2.99 and the 12 teas were $6.99.

I bought my own Mom's Day gifts while at the Carlsbad street fair. When we went to the Red Bull air races, there were lots of vendors set up along the sidewalks. This couple makes the jewelry by hand. The necklaces are awesome with semi precious stones wound inside. We were leaving to make it back to car before the meter ran out and I asked if they would be at the fair the following and weekend and to my joy they said yes! I took so many shots of this and unfortunately this is the best one. $25

Every time I go to craft fairs I always look for fused glass pendants. This woman had some that were more unique than others, plus, she had purse hangers and I really, really want a unique and pretty one that can handle the weight of my heavier bags. $35 for both pieces.

Those are my latest finds. I hope you've enjoyed my trip down girly lane. I wanted a break from the more "serious" things I've been thinking about lately. BTW, none of these people know I linked to them, there's no kickbacks involved. I'm just spreading the love!

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  1. Okay. When I get all rich and famous with my design gig, you're so going to be my personal shopper.

    The tote is abfab.

    The shoes? My love for purses is only exceeded by my love for shoes. And those? Look way too much like a pair of Blahniks I've been wanting since LAST summer.

    I'm all over pretty stationery, too! Except I'm such a slackass, it winds up wasting away in a drawer.

    The teas are too beautiful to use. LOL. The mug would wind up being a pencil/pen holder just so I could look at it all the time and never have to wash it.

    That ring? Again, abfab.

    GAAAHHHHH! Do you also love lampwork bead jewelry?? You must, because you love the fused glass stuff. Please tell me you love lampwork, too. LOL.

  2. I will be happy to shop for you! I had to Google lampwork beads and OMG! They're awesome! I must find some immediately...

  3. Not that I want to encourage your shopping, but etsy is your friend. Specifically, this girl.

    There are other jewelry makers on etsy, of course, but I LOVE Linda's stuff in a big way.

    Plus, she's always got some killer sales going on.

  4. What lovely things! I love it when I find prices like that. It almost doesn't even classify as "shopping". Really. Kinda. :)

  5. Wow - great finds!

    You make me want to go shopping. (don't tell my husband!)

  6. Steph- Thanks for the tip! I will definitely go to her store.

    Michelle- Nice to meet you! And you are exactly right, if it's under $5, like my bag, that's getting rid of loose change, not shopping.

    Beth- Secrets safe with me!

  7. all i have to say is, "i'm jealous."

    i suck at shopping and i hate it.

    my wardrobe consists of 1 pair of jeans, various threadless t-shirts, 1 black dress and a couple pairs of old shoes bought at target 3 years ago when they were on sale in the off-season.


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