Works for Me Wednesday: Rechargable Batteries and the Wii

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When we got our Wii around the holidays, we found we were going through batteries like crazy. We have 4 remotes and three nunchuks and several hours of playing would really take a toll.

I felt bad about all the batteries we were throwing away. I've been wanting to go greener at home and started looking for a rechargeable kit.

I found the eneloop battery system by Sanyo at our Costco. The best part of the system is that they come already charged and ready to use! The kit also has an adapter that will convert a AA battery into a square D or round C. I've never seen that with any other system.

The kit was very reasonably priced ($25 I remember correctly) and so are the expansion packs.

Happy playing!

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  1. This would be a time I would kiss your face, if I could. We have been dying for Wii rechargeables that actually last longer than two games of bowling.

  2. Clever, clever.

    Why do batteries get sucked up in children's toys in about a nanosecond?

  3. That is a nice one. Right now I just have a charger for AAA & AA, I'd love the bigger sizes as well. Plus the AAA don't always charge right & I have 2 different brands of chargers.

  4. How neat!!! I have to tell my husband. We were just discussing how we go through batteries like crazy!!!

  5. Jamie- Right?! It's a conspiracy!

    Ginny- This system makes any other I've bought look like junk.

    Tara- I feel you! Between the Wii, digital camera, TV remotes and kid toys it will take my entire lifetime to reduce the carbon footprint we've made with all our previous battery purchases.

  6. We started two years ago to rid our house with three kids of all BUT rechargeable batteries. We're still finding the non-recharge kind all the time in old toys, clocks, remotes to things that are long gone. We have an IKEA to recycle the old ones, because the thought of throwing them in the garbage was killing me. What are you doing with your old ones?

  7. Jacquelyn- Right now? They are accumulating in a ziploc bag until I get to the recycling center in my neighborhood.

    I'll have to see if our IKEA takes them too, that could be an excuse to go look at dressers!


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