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Thursday, May 8, 2008

At least I hope to be. There's a new blog in town, BloggedIn. They are part of the Family Friendly Blogs Network. They have a contest going for a $100 Target gift card. I haven't poked around their site too much but I think I'm gonna like it. From their About Me:
An e-zine with no attitude, we promote the family and those who choose to blog family-friendly style. It’s a safe place to network, learn, and grow. We’re here to promote your blog, help you find new blogs to read, and promote the family in a society that seems to be forgetting the pivotal role it holds.
I really need this because DS's pants look like he's waiting for the second coming of Noah. Plus, I love entering contests! So, will the two of you who read this head over and enter here telling them I sent ya? Please? Contest runs for the month of May.

Buttons confuse me. Sorry for the lame linkage.

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  1. Done deal. And I'm pretty sure more than two people read. :grin:


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