Sk*rt is now Kirtsy

Monday, May 12, 2008

I notice many bloggers have a link after their posts so people can Sk*rt This! Sk*rt has changed their name to Kirtsy (which I think is much cuter) so everyone needs to replace their banners, buttons etc.

I'm doin' my part to spread the word (and hoping to win their cool prizes).


  1. Okay - I'm behind on this one. I don't know what Kirtsy is!

  2. Hi Dionna! Nice to meet you. If you've noticed at the bottom of some people's posts, they have Digg This! or Sk*rt This!

    This is from Kirtsy's About Me:
    irtsy is a social media platform of pure goodness. A plaza for the peachy. A portal to the pretty. A place to find cool things. To read smart scoop. To connect with fab ideas, exceptional people, useful information, excellent products. All of it. And more.

    kirtsy is just like that friend who always finds the best stuff. Only better.

    It's a great site. Definitely check it out.


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