I Made A New Friend at the Beach Today

Monday, October 6, 2008

It's amazing how long we were willing to stand around and watch an animal do nothing!

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  1. Cheri- I edited this video down from 3 minutes, and I have 2 more!

  2. What a character!! How cool.

    Where we are along the Maine coast, we get a lot of Harp Seals - in particular the babies that wash up along the shore. The adults wash up but usually not alive, which is sad. It's so tempting to touch them, with those big sad eyes just looking at you! But for the most part, we all know better.

    What a great video! Were your kids there with you too?

  3. Sea lions and seals have always been my favorite animals ... oh, and bats too. Yes, I admit that I'm a bit odd. ;)


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