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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Steph tagged me with a meme. Since I love her dearly, I will happily play along. The rules:

"It’s easy peasy, kids. I just want you to write five positive things about yourself. I don’t care how goofy or weird those things are; I simply want them to be things you think are rad and that you absolutely believe with your whole heart. Like don’t hand me any “I’m a great mom!!” stuff if you actually think you’re only a pretty good mom. See what I mean? After you write your list, tag five other people to compose a list. Maybe we can fight this blogfluitis, five bloggers at a time."

I'm feeling pretty good so this will be easy:

1. I'm very organized. I have been called anal and take it as a compliment.

2. I am a good friend. I don't make friends easily, but once I decide I like you, we're like velcro.

3. I'm a good dancer. Not ballroom (though I love the Tango) but on the dance floor. I have been told I'm sexy.

4. I am very generous. I really like to give and make other people happy.

5. I make great baked beans. Ask Deb. Or Cheri. I think "orgasm" was mentioned somewhere.

I will reach for the sky and tag
Mr. Lady
, Bossy, Moosh in Indy, Tootsie, and Latte Mommy.

What do you like about yourself?


  1. Anal is definitely a compliment when it comes to your organizational skills. And mine.

    Yes, the baked beans are delish.

  2. I love this meme...which makes sense since I made it up, but that's beside the point. I love finding out not only special talents people have, but what they think are cool traits. So, thanks for doing this.

    P.S. I take "anal" as a compliment, too.

  3. OOH! Today is so not the day to answer these, but it is a good day to force myself to think about them. :)


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