A New Bitch, Seahorse Testicles and A Wedding

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Bitches went out last night and it was good. We brought a new bitch into the group and she's either quiet by nature or we scared her a little.

We ate good food, drank a little and indulged in dessert. And flossed.

At the end of the night, in a Prop 8 moment, we had an impromptu wedding officiated by two corpses. These two have been flirting for awhile. It's good they finally made it official (Tom and Tech Support are totally OK with it. I think).

And does this seahorse look well endowed or is just me?

Missed you, bitches. Let's not wait so long again, OK?

Shoes missing: Aaryn and Sam (and the new bitch)


  1. Gotta say that the post title drew me in, and then the pictures made me totally hungry! Looks like a fun night. Can I join your group when we eventually move back to San Diego?

  2. I really need to move to a place where there are people I like hanging out with. LOL. I am so jealous.

  3. I shouldn't have left so early- I was wearing some really awesome shoes! Next time I'll get 'em in the picture.

  4. Loved getting together. Thanks for driving my drunk ass home. :) You rocked the barstool.

  5. Looks like a fabulous time. Too bad I am on the WAYYYYY East coast.

  6. Michelle - Definitely! There's always room for more!

    Mamasphere - Next time!

    Jamie- You're welcome, anytime. Not sure I'm ready for a mini van!


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