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Friday, October 23, 2009

I don't usually put things on the front of my fridge. One of the reasons I got a stainless was to keep it clean looking and uncluttered. "Oh, sorry kiddo. We can't put magnets here, they might leave a scratch."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We shouldn't lie to our kids. Pfft.

Anyway, when Tyler was a toddler, we had those alphabet magnets on the fridge and they drove me crazy. But, when Tyler handed me this last night, how could I say no?

"I love my Mom. She is perFect! She is very prety too. She is doing the breas canser walk. Whit my grandma to. She is nice."
(typos and misspellings left in for cuteness)

What's on your fridge today?


  1. You've seen my fridge--I say put it all up! It warms the heart.

  2. What a cute letter! On my stainless (hah!) fridge - grocery lists and class schedules. Taped up because the magnets don't stick to it.

  3. AWWWWWWW!!!!!
    Straight cuteness!
    (okay, but er um, I don't have anything on my stainless steel fridge, either... you know, because of the potential "scratches" and stuff... LOL!)

  4. That is freakin' adorable. I am so excited about the Dallas 3-Day in two weeks.

  5. Awww so sweet. I have a bunch of stuff on my fridge, including my baby's art work.

  6. So sweet! That one should be kept forever.

  7. Awwwww! Frame it, mama! That is so sweet.

    BTW, how did you get that magnet to stick to your fridge? We have SS and the magnets won't work. And yes, it's a genuine stainless steel fridge.


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