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National Women's Nite Out: San Diego

Friday, April 24, 2009

I love to entertain. There's something about creating an atmosphere where people feel comfortable, enjoy good food and good conversation, and can relax that really gets me. Playing hostess is fun, and being a good (nee exceptional) and attentive hostess is important to me. I thought that if I was ever give the opportunity to have my dream business, it would be in party planning. Well, after the stress of this week, now I'm not so sure.

When Maria asked me to be involved with National Mom's Night Out, I thought, "Why not? A few moms getting together over wine and cheese, I can do that no sweat." Someone, somewhere was laughing at my naivete and thought I needed to be taken down a peg or two (or three or four).

It's one thing to have people over for tri-tip, but a whole other kettle of fish to create a fun and meaningful event from the ground up, across time zones and with no real budget. I really thought it would easier: "Hi, I represent a bunch of women who don't get out that often and would love to drink and party at your restaurant on a Thursday."

Thankfully, I have Deb to cover my ass brainstorm and make endless phone calls with, and Charity to be the calm in the storm. It's been a lot of hard work but things are really coming together and I'm looking forward to putting on my party shoes and hosting a fab soiree.

I am Celebrating National Mom’s Nite Out: the Ultimate Celebration of Motherhood

Who: Women. (Kidding) The event is called a Celebration of Motherhood but we're firm believers in "it takes a village." If you've ever even looked at a child, you're welcome to come. (It's almost 2:00am, I'm getting a little slap happy)

What: National Mom's Night Out at Buster's Beach House & Longboard Bar at Seaport Village (Beach Loft room)

When: Thursday, May 7th from 6:00-9:00pm (but we can always go to another part of the restaurant afterwards)

Where: See What

More details: Buster's has offered us our own bartender. I'm still confirming the hotness level of said bartender and the assless chaps, stay tuned. No host bar, hosted light appetizers and parking validated up to three hours.

RSVP: On our Facebook page

I do hope you decide to come. Those of you who have been lurking here (you thought I didn't know, tsk tsk) please join us. I'd love to meet you face to face! And the hostess in me will make sure you have a good time.

The PS- We're looking for more items for our gift bags, the charity raffle and prize drawings. Please email me if you have an item you'd like to contribute. Thank you!

**More thank you's to Lizzie from Bailey Gardiner and Seaport Village for all the "extra's." Mwah! For those who do not want to head south, Stacey (San Diego Bargain Mama) is hosting an event in Encinitas. Read the details here.**

PrompTuesday: I Asked Him to Marry Me with No Underwear On

Monday, March 23, 2009

This is my second attempt at PROMPTuesday. This week's theme, love, is extra special and important because someone I like, admire and think is SO funny is soon to be affianced, but doesn't know it yet. Secret surprises are awesome! If you'd like to get in on the love, and write your own PROMPT, go visit my SFAM (sistah from another mister) Deb and read the rules. This is a short story, with a moral, but one I've not told here before.

I mentioned in my 10-year anniversary post that I proposed to Phil. When we got "engaged," we were living in a two-bedroom apartment in Ocean Beach. One of his Navy buddies was our roommate. Phil was at sea, our roommate was heading out shortly after and their ships were scheduled to cross paths in Hawaii. Phil was coming home for his sister's wedding in a few weeks and I would pick him up at March Air Force Base.

Before our roommate left, I went to Victoria's Secret and bought a small bit of lace, sprayed it with Phil's favorite perfume and wrapped it in tissue paper. I gave the package to our roommate along with a note that read, "Bring these with you when I pick you up because I won't be wearing any," and asked him to give it to Phil when he saw him. A few weeks later, on Friday, September 4th, 1998, with no undies on, I asked Phil to marry me.

Relationships can be hard. Marriage, a good strong one, takes effort and work. But never forget to keep it fun!

If you want to participate in Proposal 2.0, write a post about love, marriage, your engagement story or best relationship advice you've ever received and add it to the Mr. Linky here. *Update* 3/25 She said YES!!!!!

Mabel's Labels BlogHer 2009 Contest

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've made some really good friends through blogging, both online and live and in color. Saturday night I went out for dinner and coffee with Deb from SanDiegoMomma. It was a lovely evening. We talked for hours about almost everything. We're alot alike. And apparently so are our husbands. It's almost eerie. Deb is my bloggy twin. She's my sister from another Mister.

And I may never have met her if I hadn't started blogging. The same goes for my other blog friends. If I hadn't decided to give blogging a try I would never have saved Jamie's son from a bee. I wouldn't have commiserated with Jenn about our lack of angst, watched my son be fearless in Cheri's pool, defended Kate from a nasty commenter or developed a bit of a crush on Aaryn.

I also wouldn't have met the wonderful ladies I refer to as the Disney Crew, or Maria Bailey who I look up to and respect. These relationships are so important to me. With my friends, I'm not just Drama Kid's mom, Or Drama Dad's wife. I'm Mel. And I can let my hair or my guard down depending on the situation. With them I can be myself. And that is the sign of a true friend.

Blogging has given me more than just great friends. I've also regained my sense of self. I think our society places a huge emphasis on jobs and career. When introduced to someone, I'll bet that "so, what do you do?" is one of the first questions asked in conversation. Back when I was a "working" mom, I could answer that I was in marketing. Before that I was in radio admin, before that it was retail management and before that I was a student. In between some of these stages I also added wife and mother to my titles.

But then I lost my job and I was at a loss as to how to answer that question. I could be honest and say I "do" laundry, grocery shopping, wiping pee off the floors, scooping cat poop and any of the other things on my To Do list that had started to define me. But, I decided to apply the KISS method and reply that I was a stay at home mom.

I can't speak for other moms but for me, "what do you do?" started to feel like a really loaded question. Depending on who was doing the asking, once I answered that I was an at home mom, I started to notice that some people would check out of the conversation right then and there. I could see that moment where suddenly I didn't matter quite as much as I did in the few seconds before I gave my answer when there was still hope that I'd have a conversation worthy career.

And it got worse when the other person asked if you "used to" work and if you went to college. It's as though I've thrown away all my potential just so I can take my kid to practice.There is nothing more humiliating, degrading and demoralizing than to have another person write you off because you stay home with your family.

This blog changed all that. Since I started adding Mom Blogger to my title, people don't disconnect as much anymore. People want to know what I write about and how I like it. They're interested in me. I know I shouldn't need the external validation. It shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks. But I do and it does. I'm more than "just" a mom and this blog has been a way for me to show it. I started this blog as a way to connect with other people, get my thoughts out and use the creative side of my brain that was bored to tears by the endless lists and tasks that the other half was always making. But it has morphed into something much bigger.

It feels strange to say that I’m grateful I lost my job but I am. I really feel that this was the path I was meant to take when I walked out of the office for the last time. Who knows what else is in store for me or what other roles this blog will play. I know it will keep getting better and better and I’m so excited for the journey ahead.

This is my submission to the Mabel's Labels BlogHer 2009 sponsorship. Thank you for your generosity! Good luck to all the participants.

Rules, sponsorship details and how to enter found

**ETA: I'm a finalist! I'm having a contest to say thank you for supporting me and my blog. Read the details here.

Sick Day Part Deux

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm actually feeling much better (thanks for all the get well wishes!) but now I'm even more behind on household stuff and my contributor posts etc. etc. so today is a catch up day. Go visit these fine folks instead.

How do you feel about Jon and Kate Plus 8? Really real reality TV or shamelessly sell-outistic? (Yep, made that word up just now) Go read why Tena at My Therapy is no longer watching (me too).

Braja lives in India. Braja talks about what it's really like to live in India. Braja takes great pictures of India. One more time: India.

Auds at Barking Mad on the mom who gave birth to eight babies. Give her another Amen from me.

And meet Steph's latest knitting project, Septy The Septopus.

I should be back on Monday. Until then,

Delicious photo from here with many, many thanks.

She May Never Speak to Me again After This

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Have you ever been in a situation that reminded you of someone you know, at a totally inappropriate moment? That happened to me today when I thought about Bejewell.

I went for an ultrasound this morning (no, not that kind!). When I got into the exam room, the tech told me my doctor ordered two different scans, one abdominal and one v@ginal. Yippee! If you've never had an internal ultrasound, the wand is like a vibrat@r for newbies only not nearly as fun.

So, after the outside ultrasound, I had to use the loo so as not to pee on the table for the internal exam. I got undressed, stretched out, and the tech smeared me up. (Side note: sincere thanks to whomever designed the gel warmer thingy.) Despite being female and having the same ladyparts, she couldn't find the, um, entrance and I had to insert the wand myself. Yeah, I know!

I'm staring at the ceiling while the tech is moving the wand around. Left, right, up and down like a vajajay joystick. Despite having an empty bladder, my discomfort is growing and I'm sure my uterus and ovaries were all, "the hell?" And the more the tech stirs my innards the more pressure I feel until I'm scared I might toot. Which made me think of the "musical fruit" song from when we were kids, and that made me think of Beej.

Which? Totally made me want to laugh. But I couldn't because I was worried the muscle contractions would force the joystick out AND make me toot. So I had to try and hold in my laughter and gas at the same time which, let me tell you, was not easy.

Now that I have embarrassed myself and potentially lost a friend, it's your turn! Where have you been that made you think of someone even though the circumstances had zero to do with the person?

Support Moms and Bloggers This Holiday

Friday, November 28, 2008

Inside this widget are links to over 250 Mom owned online stores compiled by Megan at TwitterMoms for the TwitterMoms Holiday Catalog. Happy shopping!

Three Things on Tuesday

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I should wait and post Three Things on Thursday (I love alliteration) but oh well. This is going to be a busy week. I'm going to resort to bullets:

1. I participated in a focus group yesterday for HP that was so interesting! I can't talk about the product but if they are able to pull this off it will be really sweet. It's nice to see a company who wants to make technology for moms actually include moms in the development! Before the product and advertising are complete! (This is my addition to the online furor over the Motrin ad on Twitter)

2. Drama Dad got a raise!! It's not a giant one, basically cost of living but with companies shutting down and layoffs everywhere we are SO grateful and I am so thankful he has such a great job with a great company.

3. I met with one of my favorite bloggers yesterday. I was nervous because my hair appointment isn't until next month, I haven't had a mani/pedi since my weekend in Florida and I have a zit on my cheek. But, I had so much fun! Even waiting in line at the bank. Her daughter is just as cute and sweet as I new she'd be. Thanks so much for hanging out with me Casey (Laural too!). Even if I did take you to a substandard park (Indside joke, you had to be there).

A New Bitch, Seahorse Testicles and A Wedding

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Bitches went out last night and it was good. We brought a new bitch into the group and she's either quiet by nature or we scared her a little.

We ate good food, drank a little and indulged in dessert. And flossed.

At the end of the night, in a Prop 8 moment, we had an impromptu wedding officiated by two corpses. These two have been flirting for awhile. It's good they finally made it official (Tom and Tech Support are totally OK with it. I think).

And does this seahorse look well endowed or is just me?

Missed you, bitches. Let's not wait so long again, OK?

Shoes missing: Aaryn and Sam (and the new bitch)

Second Disney Mom Blogger Mixer

Friday, October 17, 2008

I can't believe it's been more than a week since I was a few short hours from touching down in Orlando. To say the trip was an amazing whirlwind would be an understatement. Same for first class. And inspiring. And enlightening. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I landed early evening on Friday and had just enough time to change for the welcome cocktail hour and dinner. How nice it was to have a room all to myself! We met a few of the Disney executives and Maria Bailey of BSM Media. We had drinks and appetizers then it was off to The Animal Kingdom Lodge to see the amazing collection of African artifacts and have dinner with two Disney chefs at Jiko.

After dinner a few of us went dancing at a club on the Boardwalk. Saturday we started bright and early (7:45) with breakfast and Q&A session with more executives to share our perceptions of Disney and what they hoped to gain by having us there. After breakfast we went to The Magic Kingdom for a few rides, and then on to Hollywood Studios for the parade, lunch at The Brown Derby with two Disney Imagineers, more rides and shopping.

Then back to the hotel for a little down time before it was time to break out my new fake eyelashes and get ready for dinner at Epcot Center. And when I say I could go on and on about how amazing the food, wine and entertainment were at the Party of the Senses, I mean rave for days! I had a chicken paprikash with roasted cauliflower dish that, seriously, I don't think I'll ever forget. And the chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce! TO. DIE. FOR. I wish I had pictures but my ancient brick of a camera wouldn't fit into my cute little handbag. This is a little taste.

After the tasting we watched the fireworks show then back to the hotel. We went dancing and met the rockin'- est grandma ever! I only hope I have her energy when I'm using the senior discount. Even though my feet were killing me, I wasn't ready to call it a night so when the idea to go to another club came up I was all for it. Thank you to Patrick Ewing for letting us finish your vodka and cranberry juice!

Sunday we started with a trip to the Animal Kingdom to see The Festival of the Lion King. Then off to The House of Blues for Gospel Brunch. I have not been to church in awhile but I was so moved by the music I got tears in my eyes.

After brunch we had a second discussion with the execs to give our feedback from the weekend. It is so refreshing to know that a company as big (huge! vast!) as Disney would see the need to reach out to a particular community and actually see it through. I appreciate what they are trying to achieve and hope the weekend gave them enough insight going forward to be successful in their campaign.

Please get to know the amazing women who went with me:

Yolanda from Ebony Mommy
Tanyetta from
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Renee from
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Michele from
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Nadia from
Mama Law
Kim from
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Felicia from
Reign of the Girl Child
Kristina from
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Jennifer from The Mom Salon

More giant thank you's go to: Jennifer, Michelle, Super Sarah (someone give this woman a raise!), Annette, Laura (congratulations on becoming a cast member!), Ximora, Carol, Leanne, Rialys, Lara, Christian,Mark, Diego, Sybil and I'm sure I've forgotten someone but thank you all so much!
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